Philip O’Sullivan

Account Manager

Philip is a self motivated leader in the Hospitality sector spanning a rich, successful and respectably recognised career of more than 40 years, building corporate value through leading his entrepreneurial operations across various regions. Specialising in startups and resources.

Distinguished for surpassing set targets, driving huge surges in revenue earnings, propelling units to #1 in sales and market share, and building world-class multi-cultural teams, with clear direction.

Dermot O'Flynn

Product Manager

Dermot has over 30 years experience in Food & Beverage Operations Management in Ireland, The UK, South Africa and the past 10 years in the UAE.

He is a specialist in high volume quality hospitality ranging from local Independents to Multinational groups. Focused on business development, innovation and evolution with a growth mindset. consistently striving towards and exceeding expectations.

Phil O’Sullivan

Marketing Manager

Philip has over 14 years’ experience in Hospitality, With an Edge for marketing and communications, he started his own business 3 years ago and is going very strong.

Philip enjoys implementing promotional calendars and constantly monitors customer feedback through his media platforms.

He is a self-motivator with constant self-development plans set throughout each of his projects. He enjoys new goals and strives hard to achieve and exceed on the same. His work ethic and customer communications are second to none.